What Professional Associations Should Australian Business Coaches Join?

Are you an Australian business coach looking for professional associations? Learn about the two main associations for personal trainers in Australia and how to differentiate yourself from other coaches.

What Professional Associations Should Australian Business Coaches Join?

Are you an Australian business coach looking to join a professional association? Joining professional associations or networks can help you stay connected with other coaches and entrepreneurs who can provide support and advice. There are several associations and networks that can help you stay up to date with the latest industry trends and provide you with the support you need to succeed. The two main associations for personal trainers in Australia are Fitness Australia and the Australian Fitness Network. Depending on the type of services you offer, there may be other associations that you should consider joining.

For example, Facebook offers support in the form of industry-specific groups, such as the Students of Wellness Coaching Australia group. Continuing education courses are also important for maintaining your credentials and staying up to date. Some coaches run their business from another business, such as a wellness clinic or studio, which provides them with much-needed peer interaction. Kerrie is a member of the International Federation of Coaches and volunteers to train students who graduate from the University of QLD.

It's also important to make sure that your training services contract contains the appropriate intellectual property protection clauses, so that your customer knows that your training materials belong to them and should not be shared, published, or used in a way that you have not authorized. In Australia, life coaching is generally unregulated and anyone can call themselves a life coach, personal coach, business coach, professional coach, mentor, holistic health coach, etc. To differentiate themselves from other coaches, many professionals have taken courses and graduated from accredited training programs. The new strategy for small businesses focuses on creating a small business sector that helps boost economic recovery and employment in Queensland.

FIRE UP Coaching has the most extensive network of ICF-accredited and qualified coaches in Australia. The ICF is the largest coaching organization in the world and continues to be at the forefront of advancing the coaching profession worldwide. Craig is an experienced, solution-focused trainer, consultant, executive coach, marketing professional & with a career that demonstrates experience and outstanding performance in sales, marketing, business creation, growth, training, development. He is a qualified member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and complies with privacy laws, the code of conduct and ethical standards, providing his clients with a safe environment to receive training. Don't risk your personal and business success with anyone who claims to be a coach but doesn't have credentials.

Make sure you have a signed coaching services agreement with each of your clients; this is the most important document you should use as a coach or mentor.